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Residential & Commercial Heating Systems in Victoria & Sooke

At Northern Star Plumbing Gas Service, we can determine whether a repair or replacement is appropriate for your heating system in Victoria and the surrounding area. Whether you need a hot water tank, boiler, heat pump, radiators, or any other component of a heating system, we have your needs covered.

We inspect all parts of your heating system to ensure you get the best out of every component. If your home or business needs a complete overhaul of your heating system, we can appraise the duct work and recommend solutions to maximize efficiency. Our HVAC technicians are certified and reliable.

The Difference Between Hot Water Tanks, Boilers & Tankless Water Heaters

Hot Water Tank Boiler Tankless Water Heater
Description - The most common appliance for hot water heating in residential properties - Most common for commercial applications
- In residential uses, hot water can be forced through a home for a central heating system
- Gaining in popularity as more people are becoming environmentally conscious
Advantages - Can provide continuous, high-demand usage
- Costs less upfront than tankless systems

- Some models can be controlled by an app
- Cost-effective to operate
- No tank, providing increased living space

- Great for homes with high hot water use
- Mounts onto a wall (takes up less space)
- Heats water on-demand (reducing energy consumption)
- Provides continuous hot water
Disadvantages - Prone to sediment build-up, effecting water flow
- Bacteria in the tank can lead to bad smells
- Water heaters have many ports that water can leak from
- Very noisy when it has low pressure
- Susceptible to leaking and drops (due to many causes)
The pilot light can go out
- Costs 2 to 3 times more than traditional hot water heaters
- Requires separate electrical circuitry (rewiring may be necessary)
- Needs professional installation
Water heater 1000 Water heater

As an experienced 15-year leader in the home heating and gas industry, our locally-owned and operated business is able to offer a wide variety of boilers and heating tanks to fit your home and business needs. Trust our technicians to help you determine the right heating system for your home or business—contact us today!


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